Friday, May 30, 2014

Christmas leftovers

I realized that there are some things leftover from Christmas that I forgot to post on here. It only took me 5 months to get around to it...

We got Dallin and Connor a rather large present as an early Christmas gift while we were still in Indiana before we left for Christmas in Denver. Most of the money to pay for it was a Christmas present from Mckay's parents, so we made a video for them to document the boys opening it. Grandma and Grandpa got to open and watch the movie on Christmas morning. Here's the video:

The boys love having a bunk bed! Since Connor came straight from sleeping in a crib to sleeping on the top bunk, we had a few nights of adjusting, but they've done very well sleeping on the bunk bed. Sometime it's more of a jungle gym for them with the way they climb the stairs and swing around. We got one with built in stairs instead of just a small ladder because we felt more comfortable with our small children going up and down on the more stable stairs. It's a pretty great bunk bed.

As a Christmas present to my parents, I made a few scrapbooks pages for them to add to the family scrapbook. The first one is a 7 generation family tree, inspired by the one I have hanging in my living room, with acorns added at the bottom to represent all the grandchildren. It was a challenge to fit a normally 14x20 tree template onto a 12x12 srcapbook page, but I fit it all on there and I love how it turned out.

(some names blurred out for privacy)

Mom, I hope you held onto those extra acorns I sent, because you'll need to add 4 more onto the page by the end of the year. We're not the only family adding a new baby this year!

 The other two scrapbook pages are pictures of our family from 2013. Most of the photos have already been posted on the blog, but I think the pages are cute.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Why I haven't blogged

I haven't blogged as much this month as I normally do. The main reason is because I organized a Walk for Williams Syndrome here in Indiana this month and it took A LOT of time and energy to put it all together. I'll post more about it later when I get pictures from the photographer. Words will not do it enough justice. I'll just say it was an awesome day.

The other reason is that I've been growing things:

Baby Easton #3 will be joining our family December 2014!

(We really will also be growing beans and peas, in case anyone really cared...)

We felt like corn seeds were appropriate for the picture above, seeing as this is an Indiana grown baby. Corn is a big deal here. And growing a baby is pretty much like gardening. You have to make sure the baby gets the right amount of sun (none) and nutrients and lots of water. The difference is that harvesting food from a garden (even in the Indiana heat) is much more enjoyable than harvesting a baby.

Dallin and Connor don't really understand that we're having a baby yet. My belly doesn't look very different yet, and I don't know if they can quite wrap their heads around there being a baby inside of me. We'll probably talk more about it with them as we get closer to the ultrasound date at 20 weeks. They both love seeing babies though and they are always looking for babies to hug and kiss and speak in high voices to. They'll be good little helpers.

So, between feeling extra tired, extra naeseous, extra hungry, and planning an event for 100+ people, I've felt pretty exhausted. Now that the walk is over and the first trimester is almost over, I'm getting some energy back. Blogging should return to normal, especially with all the fun summer adventures coming up.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easton Wedding

Mckay's oldest brother Evan got married a few weeks ago. We got to fly to Denver for the weekend to be there with them. We weren't there for very long, but every second was spent with family and playing with cousins.

 All dressed up and ready for the wedding.
Easton boys in the back, Bryan kids up front.

The wedding was at Coors Field, home of Rockies baseball!
It was really cool being at the stadium when it was completely empty.
 Dallin and Connor enjoyed the view while we waited to be taken down onto the field.

We may have coordinated on the white sweaters...

 While pictures were being taken of the wedding party (including all of the husbands/dads),

...the moms kept all 12 kids corralled and happy.
We brought lots and lots of snacks.

 I made the rounds with goldfish and teddy grahams, while Mckay's aunt Amy from Utah (Dallin and Connor's great aunt) kept them entertained.
Amy brought little battery powered fans for all the kids.
They were a big hit.

 Great-Grandpa Easton from Utah was there too.
Here's a close up of those beautiful baby girls back there. We're finally starting to get girls in the family!
Mckay's brother (left) and brother-in-law (right)

 They finally led us out onto the field where we were seated. The stadium workers only wanted us on the dirt, not on the grass. I guess when you spend ridiculous amounts of money on maintaining beautiful green grass, you're allowed to be picky about who walks on it with high heels. 
Aunt Amy kept Dallin and Porter busy with lots of songs. I think this was "Itsy bity Spider."

I love it so much when these two boys get together.

Then the wedding started and I didn't take any more pictures. The photographer took a bunch, including some shots of our little family, but I'll have to wait to get a copy of those.

After the wedding was a luncheon at Rodizio Brazilian Grill. We ate way more meat than should be consumer in one day. It was great.

We flew home the next day. It was a fast trip but we had a good time.