Monday, August 24, 2009

I love O.H. Needham!

He invented the breast pump.
Mckay offered to feed Dallin his early morning feeding (4am) so I could keep sleeping. So I pumped a bottle of milk before I went to bed, and didn't have to get up til 7am to feed Dallin again. I haven't slept that long for...(how old is Dallin?)...4 1/2 months. I love having a breast pump! (Thanks to Garrett and Sarah for their generosity.) And most of all, I love Mckay!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mommy's little helper

Dallin wanted to help me makes some cookies.
I let him soften the butter.

The Dinosaur Museum

Thanksgiving Point is having $2 Tusdays in August for most of their attractions, including the gardens and the Museum of Ancient Life, more commonly referred to as the Dinosaur Museum. Mckay and I had never been but have wanted to go. Since the summer term of classes has ended and the fall semester classes won't start for another week, Mckay has been able to spend a lot more time at home with Dallin and I and it's been a lot of fun. So I figured Tuesday would be a perfect time to see the Dinosaur Museum. It's only $2 and daddy can come too! I think every other mother and her kids in the state of Utah were thinking the same thing. When we got there in the morning, there was a line wrapped around the building just to buy tickets. And when we got inside it didn't get much better. There were soooo many people, and so many little kids running around. We had Dallin in a stroller and, of course, there were a lot of other strollers, making it really difficult to get around and see things with all the bulky strollers in the way. And then there were groups of older people being pushed around in wheelchairs. If you got stuck on the wrong side of the wheelchair caravan, it was a long time before it opened up to allow you to move. Despite the crowd, we had a fun time and got to see some really interesting things. I would like to go back another time when it's not so busy so I can really enjoy myself.

This is how Dallin watched the dinosaurs

He did wake up to see some of them

but I think this one really wanted to play with Dallin.

There is still one more $2 Tuesday for the month of August, in case you were thinking about going. It might not be as busy now that most kids are back in school. If you do plan on going, get there early, even before it opens to avoid the huge line. If not, wear comfortable shoes. You're gonna be walking quite a distance from your parking spot.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beef, it's what's for dinner!

I made the most amazing steak last night! Mckay finished up with his summer finals last night so I thought I would make him a special dinner to celebrate being finished with school, until it starts again in two weeks. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it (we were too hungry!) but I'll tell you how I made it.

I took 2 sirloin steaks and poked them on both sides with a fork, then drizzled both sides with a little olive oil. Then I seasoned both sides with the following ingredients:
Salt & Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Onion Powder
I just sprinkled some of each over the steak to evenly coat it. Then I let the seasoned meat sit in the refrigerator for an hour before cooking. Then I grilled it, and served it with a lime wedge. Delicious! And it was a really quick and easy seasoning. You probably don't need to let the meat sit for an hour. I did that because I was waiting for Mckay to finish his final. I'm sure it'll still be good if you just season and go.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

A few weeks ago Dallin and I went to Seven Peaks waterpark.

Ryan, Katie and Lucas came too.

Lucas showing off his big muscles

It was a lot of fun. I've taken Dallin to the pool a few times, and at first he really didn't like the water. But he's starting to enjoy it. Both the babies did well in the water. Dallin likes to stare at the water and watch the ripples and light reflecting through it. He'll even splash his hands and legs in it sometimes.

He got cold after a while
Even the big kids got to have some fun. The babies took a nap while we were there. Our wonderful sister Sarah watched the babies for us while the moms went on some waterslides. It was very thrilling. Having been pregnant for 9 months and then having a little baby with me all the time, I haven't done anything that adventurous for over a year!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coupon Organizer

Since we're in the "poor college student" phase of our life, I've been trying to collect coupons and, more importantly, use them in an effort to save money. The problem is that I get all these coupons but I lose track of them or forget to take them to the store with me.
A handy coupon organizer. It's small (about 5x7) and can easily fit into a purse or diaper bag. It's expandable and has 12 compartments and a zipper pocket. I got mine at Target for $4 and I saw a similar one at Roberts.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize things. Should I organize coupons according to categories, like food, diapers, baby supplies, cleaning products? Should I break "food" down into more categories like canned goods, cereal, frozen food, dairy, meat? Will it be confusing to have too many categories? How do I keep track of when coupons expire? Maybe I should organize according to the expiration date to make sure I get to use them. As you can see, I'm still far away from being organized, but I'm on my way. Do you guys have any ideas that would help me organize and use my coupons? How do you keep track of your coupons? Any money saving tips would be appreciated!

Goodnight, my rocker boy

Bedtime story

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dinner and a movie

More delicious Thai food

This dish has pork and crunchy green beans sauted in a somewhat spicy chili paste and soybean oil sauce. This one was also very tasty!

Today's movie is brought to you by Dallin. He is learning how to roll over from his stomach to his back. He did it once when I wasn't looking, so I'm determined to see him do it and catch it on camera. No luck so far, but it's so funny watching him try.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why I love my husband

On Friday, Mckay came home from work/school with this...
...for no reason. He knows how much I love daisies.

Saturday we went to the international food store. Mckay was so excited about the thai foods that we found there, and he made this delicious dinner.

It's basically a coconut soup, but it has this AMAZING flavor to it. It has chicken in it and you eat it with the rice.

He's going to make another Thai dinner tonight.

Don't I have a wonderful husband?