Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snow days and Sick days

We've had several sick people in the house for the past few weeks. Mckay has been sick all of this week, and last week Dallin was miserably sick for several days. We couldn't get him to eat anything, which really doesn't help his already petite frame. He spent all day sleeping; sometimes on the couch, sometimes on the floor.
Connor missed having his buddy to play with and would lay by Dallin occasionally to poke his nose.

We had a lot of snow fall last week too. This happened on a day when Dallin was feeling a little better so we  jumped at the opportunity to play outside.
Connor was in heaven. He could have stayed out there all day, even with freezing finger and toes.

Rather than tread his own path through the snow, Dallin followed around in Connor's footsteps.

Then I showed the boys how to make a snow ball.

Now armed and dangerous, Dallin started chasing Connor.

So I tried a more peaceful activity and we built a snowman.

 And Connor destroyed a snowman.

 Dallin with our rebuilt and dressed up snowman. 
This snow storm was bad enough to cancel school and we didn't leave the house for a few days. We're glad we got have fun playing in the snow and take a short break from being sick.