Monday, April 30, 2012


One of our family goals for the year is to regularly read the scriptures as a family. Before we made this goal, we would often read after the kids went to bed, and the time varied depending on when we found time to read. Now, we've set a specific time to read each day: after dinner and before getting kids ready for bed. It's easier to remember to read now that we've scheduled time for it. And now it's FAMILY scripture time involving the kids as well. We're trying to make Dallin more of an active participant in reading now that he's getting older.

All of that was to set you up for this video. One night, feeling tired and not wanting to get off the couch to fetch the scriptures, we told Dallin to go get them. We'd never given him that command; we weren't even sure if he understood the words. But we wanted to see what he would do. This is what happened:
(We didn't intend for the video to end on him falling down, but the camera died. He wasn't hurt so don't feel bad if you laughed.)

We were amazed that he not only understood the command, but brought us our scriptures and knew which book belonged to which person! His "scriptures" are really a book of scripture stories with pictures. He loves looking at the pictures as we read. I love how his communication skills (both expressive and receptive) are improving. And hopefully he's learning a little about the scriptures as we read.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Connor and Dallin both discovered something new this week.
Connor was introduced to the jumperoo.
He loves it and his feet actually touch the ground! (With Dallin, we put a phone book under his feet for the longest time so he could jump.) Connor growls at Dallin though when Dallin comes over and tries to play with the toys.

Dallin discovered his shadow.
Dallin did not have school today because it was a day off. I think he knew it was a day he normally had school because I found him trying to sneak out of the house with his jacket and backpack.
 So we went outside and had a snack in the yard.
 Connor got a hold of an apple slice and enjoyed sucking on it.

I'm not sure what Dallin was trying to do here.
 A few weeks ago, we bought a bike trailer for the boys to ride in.
 Dallin looked really nervous for a while.

But he must have relaxed eventually because he was asleep by the end of the ride.
Good thing he was already wearing pajamas.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 months

Connor is 6 months old now. He likes:
  • grabbing his feet.
  • the song "If you're happy and you know it..." -- He could be screaming his head off and will stop as soon as he hears someone singing that song.
  • playing with Dallin's toys instead of his own.

  • scooting his little bum down in his bathtub so he can drink the bath water.

(picture censoring brought to you by the letter N)

  • posing for pictures with Dallin. (Actually, Dallin couldn't stand that a photo shoot was going on without him in it)

Connor's accomplishments:

He's able to sit up on his own for 20-30 seconds at a time.

After trying for months to get him to roll over, he's finally done it! I think all 4 occasions were an accident and he doesn't quite know how to do it again, but at least I know he's capable of it!

His preferred method of moving is scooting/rotating his body around in a circle.
I have to remember now to clear a 2 foot circle around him before setting him down. When I don't, he eats paper.

On a related note: he has started solid foods (real ones besides paper).
 So far, he's not sure about butternut squash or sweet potatoes.
 We'll try bananas next.

He's a really good sleeper. I just lay him down in his crib awake and he falls asleep on his own... without any sleep training! And he hasn't taken a pacifier for months now so this is all on his own! This has been very different from our experience with Dallin so this is new for us. He wakes up once or twice a night to eat, but is sleeping for longer stretches of time consistently.

 He's growing a lot. Here's how Connor compares next to Dallin right now:

Wow, I guess Dallin has been growing a lot too.

Connor is such a sweet, happy, easy going baby. Bring on the next 6 months!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Sometimes we wish we could record a video of our entire day so people could see Dallin and Connor interacting like we do. Those boys are always doing the funniest things. They love each other so much and make each other laugh all the time. It seems like the love is a little stronger on Dallin's side, but only because Connor can't fight back yet.

I think he even likes being pinned down most of the time.
I promise that was all laughing from Connor.

Dallin and Connor helped me with the laundry one day. Well, Dallin emptied the hamper on the floor and then they began playing with it.

I love this next video. Dallin thought to do this all on his own with no encouragement from us.

Dallin might enjoy kissing Connor a little too much.
But Connor sure thinks his big brother is funny.

Monday, April 9, 2012


The day before Easter, we went to some friends' house for an egg hunt.  There were quite a few kids and hundreds of eggs.
 We didn't practice first, but Dallin caught on pretty quickly.
And he loved it!
 Easter egg hunts are perfect for Dallin. Collecting small things and putting them in baskets are his favorite activities!
We were in a big backyard with chickens running around and baby chicks too, so the kids had a lot of fun.

 On Easter Sunday, we had to be at church early to practice with the choir for our big Easter performance, so we didn't do any Easter festivities until the afternoon, 
and after Mckay and Connor took a nap.

I hid Dallin's Easter basket in the backyard. He had to follow a trail of eggs to find it.
 He kind of liked it.
He picked up each egg
 and then put it in a bag.
 He found his basket hiding under a blanket.
 He didn't get any candy in his basket (The Cookie Crisp is mostly for me since I doubt he'll eat it) but he got socks! I put some inside plastic eggs to make them more exciting.

And he got a little wind up toy and a puzzle.
 The puzzle makes a track for the wind up car to drive on.

Connor got socks as well. He enjoys pulling them off his feet, putting them in his mouth and rubbing them on his gums to make way for tooth number 1.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Boy

We threw a little birthday party for Dallin and invited some of his friends over.  On the menu: Dallin's favorite foods.
  We had bagels, peanut butter, crackers, pepperoni, deli meat, cheese, olives, and a rainbow of fruits.
 Dallin LOVES cantaloupe, and he also likes grapes and apples. He won't eat strawberries and bananas, so they were there for the rest of us to eat (and to complete the rainbow).
 Dallin enjoyed his food with his friends, while Connor played with his baby friends.
 Then Dallin opened his presents.
 He got lots of great stuff from his grandparents and friends.

 And I made a crayon roll for him.
I'll show you some close ups because I'm just so proud of it.

I made a Lego birthday cake.
 There was kind of a Lego theme to the party. I made Lego guy heads to hold the utensils. 
And Lego bunting for decorations.
There aren't really triangle shaped legos, so this took some creative thinking to make.
 Dallin blew out all of his candles... one at a time.
 He played with his cake for a bit, but didn't try any. Three birthdays, and I still can't get that kid to eat his cake. That's okay though. There are worse things in life than a kid who won't eat cake.
 And it look's like he had a pretty good time, don't you think?

 It was a great day. We played, ate, watched General Conference, went on a walk...

Mckay had brats with the guys from church before the priesthood session of conference for the men, so we were on our own for dinner. I made another one of Dallin's favorite foods: pizza. I made us a little BBQ chicken pizza to share.
His is the side with less cheese on it. It may have been his birthday and we definitely spoiled him, but he still has to watch his calcium intake.