Tuesday, March 29, 2011

California and Monterey

Dallin and I are in California visiting my parents. We wanted to make a little trip to see them before Dallin turns 2 and can't fly for free anymore. We have had such a fun time. Dallin loves exploring a bigger house and getting into cabinets that aren't child locked. He loves going up and down (mostly up) the stairs and playing on the landing.
He likes to look down at people on the main floor. He'll stick his head through the bars too.
His head is not actually big enough to get stuck between the bars, but with his ears sticking out, he "thought" he was stuck and cried for help.

There is a gate at the top of the stairs to keep him from falling down, but he found a way to get around that.
He couldn't get his shoulders through so he was stuck like this.
(Don't you love that on two different occasions, when Dallin was stuck, I ran to get the camera instead of helping him first?)

On Saturday, we went to Monterey, California.
We ate lunch at the Fish Hopper Restaurant. You get a lovely view of the ocean from your table. I had some delicious crab legs and Dallin had some bread.

Then we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There were lots of cool fish and things to see. Dallin really had a good time.
There was a little touch pool where you could reach in and touch the wildlife. Dallin liked to pick up the star fish and fling them around in the air.
I'm sure the starfish would have been screaming his head off in terror if he had a voice.

It's been rainy most of the time that I've been here in California, but the sky cleared up a little bit for us so that we could enjoy the ocean.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Musical Pi

I found this video and thought it was pretty cool. I'm sure all the musical/math nerds will enjoy it.
Happy Pi Day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dallin's First Haircut

After almost 2 years, we decided it was finally time for Dallin to get his first haircut.
I've been hesitant to cut it because his hair is so thin and I didn't want him to look bald, but it was really getting long around his ears.
Mckay did the actual cutting. I worried that Dallin would be afraid of the clippers since he's afraid of other similar sounds like the vacuum, mixer and hair dryer. He was just fine though. We let him hold the clippers for a bit and we turned it on to let him get used to the sound before starting the trim.
He sat still on Mckay's lap the whole time and didn't cry or get scared at all. The biggest problem was that he kept trying to turn his head to look at what Mckay was doing.

Dallin put up with it all very well and his hair looks really good.
Mckay did a great job cutting and we think it makes Dallin look more grown up.
Dallin is still in awe over the whole experience.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dallin is starting to become more comfortable with eating food. A problem we're encountering now is that he doesn't want to be spoon fed by someone else. As an almost 2 year old child, he wants to be independent and feed himself, but he is no where near having enough coordination to do it. But we let him try anyway. Last night we had Chili for dinner and he loved it.
The great thing is that he will actually put his spoon in the bowl to get a little scoop and then put the spoon in his mouth.
While he's probably getting more food on his face and shirt than in his mouth, he is learning. And if he is willing putting solid food into his mouth, I'm not gonna stop it.

He liked the chili so much he licked his bowl clean.
He may have seen me lick my bowl once, and now he does it all the time. I love the habits I'm teaching my child! And hey, eating is eating!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


While going through some of Dallin's clothes, I found a pair of blue denim overalls in a 12 month size. 12M is not quite his size yet, but he is getting much taller so I thought I'd try them on him. I think overalls look so cute on babies, but I wasn't sure if he would be too old to still look as cute in overalls.
He is definitely not too old for overalls! I think he looks so stinking cute in them!
And I am so proud of him that he fits into 12M size pants! There's still room to grow, but he is by no means drowning in them.

This boy has been very much into books recently.
He's constantly crawling to me with a book in hand and signing what he thinks is the sign for "book," but is actually the sign for "more." We're still working on clearing this up.

He has been mobile for 5 months but he's only just now realized that he can reach the books on the bookshelf and pull them off.
He's very good at only touching "his" books. He doesn't even care about the other ones.

He's loving pop-up books lately. He's usually very gentle with them and doesn't try to rip the pictures.
He's even figuring out how to work the little pull tabs in the books.
My little overall boy is growing up so fast.