Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Connor

Connor is 5 now!
 I asked Connor some questions about himself. Here are his answers (with my comments in parentheses).

Connor, according to Connor (Age 5)

Favorite color: red, for fire

Favorite game: Guess Who (the old-school game)

Favorite tv show: Transformers Rescue Bots and PJ masks. "Transformers isn't better than PJ Masks and PJ Masks isn't better than Transformers. They're both the same like."

Favorite book: A Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems

I really like to wear: my shark shirt

I love: cake

Favorite animal: cheetah and armadillo. When asked which animal would win in a one-on-one battle: "Armadillo, 'cause it can roll into a ball and has armor all around and under him. And then when he jumps into the cheetahs face it just Boom! Bonks him in the face."

favorite stuffed animal: octopus
(He just got this for his birthday. I made it.)

Favorite breakfast: cereal, cookie crisp or frosted flakes

Favorite lunch: chicken nuggets or a hot dog

Favorite dinner: corn dogs

food you don't like: onions

what are you really good at: drawing

Best Friend: Ellen (she moved away a few months ago and Connor misses her)

Are you going to get married when you grow up? Yes
To whom? Maddie (a friend from church who we see all the time at playgroup, the library, etc.)

What do you love to do with mom: go on bike rides

With dad: build things, help him with projects. But I couldn't help him with his thesis, cause I didn't know any words I could write.

With Dallin: play legos and swing outside

With Bennett: running away from Bennett when he's chasing us with a lightsaber and we have to run until we get to the secret base.

I would describe myself as: a painter.

What do you want to be when you grow up: a painter. (He changed to this answer about 2 months ago. Before that, his answer was an animal doctor.  Before that, it was librarian. He asked if he was allowed to change his mind on what job he wanted to have as a grown up. I told him he could still change his mind lots of times and that he has many years before he REALLY has to decide.)

Connor loves to learn. He loves to ask a lot of questions (which is very tiring at times) because he likes to understand how things work. He likes looking at maps, and he asks me to draw him maps of the roads we're driving on to follow while we're driving. After using several poorly drawn maps, we gave him some free ones from the Lafayette visitors center as a birthday gift. He is so excited to start marking all our favorite landmarks in town.

We also got Connor a bigger, surprise present. Here is a video of him opening it.

We love our Connor boy!

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Michelle said...

Aww, he sounds like such a fun kid! And maybe he shouldn't visit Florida for awhile...we see a lot of armadillo roadkill in these parts. ;)