Friday, February 27, 2009

It keeps getter bigger...

Here is the most recent picture of my ever growing belly. This is at 36 weeks (and 3 days).

and the other side

Monday, February 23, 2009

We have a blog!

We finally have a blog!  We figured this would be an easy way to let our friends and family know how we are and what we've been doing.

First, an introduction:

This is me. (The picture is from a few years ago)
This is Mckay. (He's the one in the white shirt)

We met our freshman year of college at Brigham Young University.  We both lived in the Deseret Towers dorms.  We were in the same ward and were assigned to be the "mom" and "dad" of a family home evening group in our ward.
our family

During our first semester, we concentrated on being good parents and getting good grades in our classes.  Mckay and I really only spent time together on Monday nights with our group or when planning activities for our group.  When winter semester started, the family home evening groups were changed, and Mckay and I were "separated" to other families.  Without the family group keeping us together, we had to find reasons to see each other in normal settings. Sometimes these settings were dates...

...and sometimes there was dancing.

We had a fun year together.

After our freshman year, we went our separate ways.  Mckay served as a missionary for two years in Thailand.

I stayed at BYU and continued working towards my degree.

In January of 2008, Mckay had returned from his mission and was back at BYU.  I was still at BYU finishing up my last semester for my degree in Elementary Education.  We reconnected and began spending time with each other again.  Even though a lot of things had changed, and the beloved dorms we had lived in were being torn down...

...we could still stand to be around each other.  In fact, we actually wanted to be around each other!  We got married June 21, 2008 in the St. Louis Missouri Temple.


We are still here at BYU while Mckay finishes his bachelors degree.  We are expecting our first child at the end of March and we are very happy with the way our lives have turned out so far.