Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Piano Recital

I had a piano recital for my students last week. This was the first recital I've ever held, and it turned out surprisingly well. They played a mixture of "regular" songs and Christmas songs. Since I only have 5 students right now, everyone got to play 3 songs and the program was still under 30 minutes.
 All the students practiced hard and did a great job on their songs.

I had sisters play a duet. It reminded me of playing duets with my sister. 

There was a mother daughter duet too.

Both my boy students took it very seriously. They memorized a song, they had great form while playing and bowed very precisely when finished.  I loved it.
I'm glad we had a lot of people in the audience so the students had someone to perform for, and there was always a big applause.  Afterwards, we had some cookies and punch, which was a big hit with all the young children spectators.

Dallin and his friend from preschool snuck away from the refreshment room to play in their own recital.

I think we have 2 potential piano players here:

I'm really proud of all my students and how hard they've worked this year.